10 Airport Observations

I have a 4 hour layover here in Ft Lauderdale so it seemed like a good time to write a blog post about some of the observations I have made today in Haiti, on the plane, and after landing.  Some of these may or may not have too much to do with All Things New, but since I am here this will pass some time.  If you missed yesterday’s blog, click here to read about my last actual day in Haiti.  Anyway, here is a list of observations from today:

  1. Sauveir, the person who drove me to the airport this morning, is definitely the best driver I have ever ridden with in Haiti.  Not only that, but I think he also knows everyone in Haiti and can find anything there.
  2. I am really tired after a week in Haiti and I have not really felt like talking to anyone on the plane or in the airports.
  3. If you are not flying American when you leave Haiti, there are not many choices for food and even less places where you will find air conditioning.
  4. There were more police cars this morning in Port Au Prince than I have ever seen before.  I am not sure why they were out in force this morning, but they were.
  5. It is really important that we, as Americans, do not do things that are outwardly offensive to Haitians (this should apply to everyone, but I have a specific example).  While waiting in the airport, a guy dropped some money on the ground by accident and made the comment that the money was destined to stay in Haiti.  At that point, his friend walked up to him and, in a Haitian accent, started saying “Give me one dollar, blan, blan, blan, blan, give me one dollar.”  I cringed and wanted to ask him to stop, but I did not (see #2).
  6. There should be a direct correlation between a person’s age and the number of onesies that they wear outside of the house.  It is one thing for Sophie to do it, but quite another thing to wear them out of the house when you’re approaching your 40s and beyond.
  7. The Pei Wei in the Ft Lauderdale airport has really good egg rolls.
  8. It was probably weird for the person taking my luggage in the airport when I started speaking in Creole to them before realizing I was back in America.
  9. I hope the kids are doing ok and had a great time at church today.
  10. I cannot wait to see Jess, Sophie, and Elijah!

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