How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

$40 a month

What does my money go toward?

Your money will help cover food, school, medical needs, electricity, care-givers, security, and many other day to day things. When it is up and running at full capacity, our hope is that our sponsorship program will help us cover the cost of running an orphanage on a day-to-day basis.

Can I meet my sponsored child?

Yes! All Things New will have teams coming to Haiti to work at the orphanage throughout the year and you will be given the opportunity to come and meet your child.

Can I send gifts, cards, snacks, etc. to my sponsored child?

Absolutely! Matt and Jessica take at least 4 trips each year to Haiti and All Things New will have at least 3 sponsor trips each year. Each time we take a trip down to Haiti, we allow sponsoring families to send gift bags to their child. There is always a weight limit or a bag size limit, but one of the joys of this sponsorship program is the personal nature of it. You will be able to really get to know your child and love him/her, and one of the ways to show this love is by sending them gifts.

How do I pay?

You can give online by either setting up recurring payments or by coming to our page monthly to make payments. Please go to our “Donate” or "Our Kids" page to setup those payments.

You could setup recurring payments at your bank and they will send a check at a given time each month.

You can also pay by check. Make your check payable to “All Things New” and write “Child Sponsorship” on the subject line. Your check can be mailed to:
All Things New
PO Box 54838
Jacksonville, Fl 32245

Why multiple sponsors for each child?

When All Things New began the sponsorship program in April of 2012, the kids at the orphanage were eating around 5 meals per week. Their most basic physical needs were not being met. We began the sponsorship program to meet these needs as quickly as possible. God blessed us with a sponsor for each child within the first month of starting the program. Initially, the $40 a month went toward food, school, and medical expenses and there were some months when this was not adequate (depending on medical issues). After a year of having one sponsor per child, we were given the opportunity to tour a different orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti called “Hands and Feet.” This orphanage was thriving and extremely well-run. They introduced us to the idea of having multiple sponsors for each child. This orphanage uses their sponsorship program to cover all monthly expenses that arise. This includes paying additional care-givers, electricity costs, security, food, school, medical expenses, and more. We began to realize that our sponsorship program, while meeting the most basic needs of each child, could not go beyond that. We all understand that children have needs that go far beyond what is seen physically. Having multiple sponsors for each child not only provides All Things New with the means to go beyond the physical, but it also allows our children to know that there are many people out there who love them and pray for them. They may not fully understand what their sponsors do right now, but when they are older and are on their own, they will know that you were one of the instruments GOD used to change their lives.

How do I know I am making a difference in a child’s life?

Throughout the year, you will receive updated pictures, letters, and info on your child letting you know how they are progressing. You will also have opportunities to come to Haiti and meet your child and see first hand the difference your sponsorship is making in your child’s life.

The best way to see the difference you are making in your child’s life is to join his/her Facebook group. All Things New has setup a Facebook group for each of our children where sponsors can communicate with each other and keep up-to-date with the progress of the child they are sponsoring. Only sponsors are able to access these pages and it is a simple way to get to know your child better. When we move to Haiti, we plan to update each child’s page at least monthly with pictures, school progress, and other stories/anecdotes that will help you to get to know your child and how they are progressing through the sponsorship program.

What happens if I can’t afford to pay?

Please let us know immediately so we can find a new sponsor for your child.

What happens when a child “ages out” of the program?

This is a question we are still working on. Our plan is to teach the children life skills as well as a trade. For the children who excel in school, we would like to provide opportunities for them to further their education at a college or university (even out of Haiti if possible). When we build new facilities for the orphanage, we hope to build transitional housing that the older children can move into that will prepare them for life outside of the orphanage.

Who should I go to if I have questions?

Matt Bush

Jessica Bush

Frequently Asked Questions