• Our Kids Took A Trip!

    The truth is that the past few years have been really difficult. They have been difficult on our kids, on our employees, on our organization, and on our family as well. With all of the uncertainty in Haiti, the danger in Haiti, the difficulty of fundraising during Covid, and not being able to be physically present as much as we would like things are hard. The kids needed this and they had a lot of fun.
  • Theology Thursday: Theology of Grief

    What people who are grieving need is your presence so that they know someone cares. No matter how uncomfortable or how useless you feel, your presence is needed. When people are hurting and grieving, Jesus is there. He allows them to yell, to cry, to get angry, or any other emotion they want and He never leaves them. He comforts by being there...That is how we should comfort as well.
  • What Is Happening In Haiti?

    Here is the potential good news. Henry has stated that he will form a "Unity Government" in the short term that would lead to elections in September for Senators, Deputies, and a new President. New leadership for the nation may be exactly what is needed to bring back some semblance of security and normalcy.
  • How Are The Kids

    There is a lot to pray for in Haiti, but there is also a lot to praise GOD for at All Things New. Please join in me in doing both. We will update you soon with what we know about the assassination and what it will mean for the country, but for now there are just too many unknowns.
  • Update: Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, Assassinated

    Pray for our kids. Imagine seeing your country in shambles and finding out your President had been killed inside his own home. The uncertainty they were already feeling multiplied by a sense of insecurity and anarchy that they should not have to think about. Pray for our employees as well.
  • Theology Thursday: Comparing Yourself To Christ

    A culture marked by humility does just the opposite. It puts other people above ourselves while still calling out sin. It exalts Jesus as the Name above every name. It loves those who are different and those who are the same. It sees everyone as an image-bearer of GOD, and no matter their beliefs, orientation, or political affiliation it treats them as such. 
  • A Cooking School Graduate!

    She did what she had to do, but she should not have had to do that as a 14 and 15 year old girl. She did, however, grow up during that time and she is one of the more mature kids at All Things New. She loves church, is devoted to Bible Study and prayer, and she is fiercely loyal. It may take her a minute to open up and to care about you, but when she does, she is all in.
  • Computer Coding Update

    We are hoping that this idea will help our kids and even be reproducible for other areas and ministries in Haiti.
  • Theology Thursday: Attending a Local Church

    If you know Jesus and you are not involved in a local congregation then I can say with full confidence that this is one area of your life that you should change.
  • How Did Haiti End Up In This Mess?

    My friend Lener sent me a message yesterday that simply said, "Matt the life is very difficult in haiti without Jesus, only Jesus who can protect us. Please pray for us."
  • Gang Violence, Covid, and a Cancelled Constitutional Referendum

    But also, in the midst of that, pray for our kids to not let these things define who they are. For them to rise above the incredible negative things that have happened in their country over the past few weeks, months, and years, and for them to be more than conquerors. For them to work and for us to help them in whatever way we can become the men and women they were created to be.
  • Theology Thursday: Living For Something Bigger

    So I have to ask myself, why can my wife, my children, my family, my job, and my days change my life completely when anything out of the ordinary happens, but I want my GOD to just be there and let me live a normal life without too much interference from Him?