• Living With A Calling

    I am called to every child that is hurting, every person who does not know Jesus, to serve any church of which I am a part, to do my best at whatever job I am in, to give my money away anyone who needs it, and to pursue every single calling I have on my life from the Bible and from Jesus no matter how I am feeling.
  • Talking To The Kids

    I hope, rather than taking this as a rant, you take this as a call to change. A call to be different. A call to live a life focused on living for other people no matter what.
  • Vigilante Justice in Haiti?

    What will it take to create functioning state institutions in Haiti rather than centers of greed and corruption that do nothing more than perpetuate violence and evil?
  • Called To Something Greater

    My prayer is that my joy is always found in my relationship with GOD so that I am truly joyful every single day of my life
  • Gangs in Haiti Move North, Attack Cabaret

    Last week, I wrote about living each day to the fullest for GOD, and in that sense there is always a part of us that should consider every moment that we have is a blessing.

    For our friends in Cabaret, our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and our kids and employees at All Things New, that reality is how they live every single day.

  • Waiting On God

    Do I always live this way? No. But what I do remember is that Waiting on God is an active thing. While GOD is preparing us for something new, He is also calling us to live for Him right now because the days are evil and tomorrow is not promised to us.
  • I Miss Haiti - Jessica's Latest Blog

    I miss Haiti.
  • Thank You, Prayer, and Positivity!

    I wanted to share a little bit about what is going on in the country without being too negative
  • 2023 Fundraiser Recap

    Our 2023 fundraiser was definitely one of our best ever. It was fun, informative, and those who attended were very generous. Thank you to everyone who helped, donated, gave items for the auction, or sponsored the event. 
  • 2023 ATN Fundraiser is Saturday!

    We are looking forward to a fun night including the auction, a time of sharing from Jess and I, a Haiti experience when you first walk in, a nice buffet dinner, and a chance to meet and spend time with other people who love the ministry of All Things New and our kids in Haiti!
  • Live Auction Item 5: 2-Night Amelia Island Getaway

    Our 5th and final live auction item is a $200 gift card to the Burlingame Restaurant and a 2-night stay at the Amelia Island Williams House Bed and Breakfast.
  • Live Auction Item 4: 7-Nights At A Mountain Cabin in North Georgia

    This Live Auction item is called "My Mountain Paradise" and is a 3-story cabin in North Georgia with a screened porch, 2 bedrooms/2.5 baths, a hot-tub, pool table, and it sleeps 5 comfortably.