• Theology Thursday: What Does It Mean To Be "Called"

    When I know and belong to Jesus, I will know His voice; when I know His voice, I will hear Him when He calls; if I hear Him when He calls, that is the definition of a "calling." It all starts with a relationship with Him, let's not skip that part!
  • 17 Short Term Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti

    This is a clear escalation of things in Haiti. There have been about 628 reported kidnappings in Haiti (many also go unreported) in 2021 which is a crazy number in itself. In the past, American citizens have been left alone for fear of the American government intervening and the gangs and corrupt officials in Haiti fear this. That fear seems to be gone, and that is not a good thing.
  • Fighting Through Uncertainty

    It takes me about a week back home in America to get back to eliminating as many uncertainties and variables that I can. My goal now is to focus on GOD and to rely on Him no matter what is happening and no matter how uncertain things may seem.
  • Theology Thursday: Fatherhood

    Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
  • Haiti Fatigue

    It is simple...I love these kids. No matter where they might live or how difficult things might be, I want to do whatever I can to make sure they have a future. To make sure they become the men and women GOD has called them to be. Fatigue is easy to stave off if we remember why we do what we do, and that reason has been, is, and always will be our kids.
  • The Kids Started School!

    There are a lot of other differences, and it may seem like I am complaining, but please believe that I am not. Things are just different in the 2 countries, and especially when it comes to school.
  • The Haitian Border Crisis

    The vast majority of the Haitians that are in Texas right now have not been in Haiti for years. It is no longer their home. They are being sent back to a nation that just went through another devastating earthquake, where gangs control the capital city, and where their President was just assassinated in his own home. 
  • Theology Thursday: When GOD Does Not Fit Our Life

    Let's stop trying to fit GOD into our plan, our goals, and our life because, in all honesty, He is not going to fit!
  • School Supplies Are Coming In: Thank You!

    Thank you for your generosity to this point, unlike many children in Haiti, our kids are ready for the new school year and we pray this gives them a leg up in the world!
  • Theology Thursday: Prayer (In Your Personal Life)

    "I will search and stop at nothing, You're just not that hard to find."
  • Can Haiti Catch a Break?

    Right after the earthquake, the Haitian government, NGOs (non governmental organizations), and other aid organizations have struggled to get supplies to the affected areas. This is to be expected when infrastructure is what it is in Haiti and the epicenter of the earthquake is so far away from the capital city of Port Au Prince.
  • Theology Thursday: Prayer In The Church

    But I want to call our attention to the way that prayer is viewed in the Old Testament, by Jesus, and by the church and I want us to ask ourselves:

    Does my church view prayer in that same way?