Church Partnerships

Church partnerships are vital to the success of All Things New. We believe that it is only through the power of GOD that we can accomplish His will for our ministry and we need strong spiritual support to make this happen. Oftentimes, when you hear the term “partnership” you automatically think of money and resources, but that is not our primary concern in our desire to partner with churches. We welcome financial support from churches as the Holy Spirit leads, but what we desire is a spiritual partnership with churches that worship together, pray together, and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is stated in the Bible.


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What You Can Expect From Us 

Mission Teams

Sharing with Your Church

Mission Teams


We will help plan and organize trips for your church. This will include:
i. Planning the work the team will do.
ii. Making sure that logistics (transportation, food, clean water, etc.) are covered.
iii. We will make sure that every question is answered and that your church, team, and team leader feel completely prepared to come and do ministry with All Things New.


We will provide thorough training material for your team. This will include spiritual training, practical training, and culture training. If your church is in or around Jacksonville or LaGrange we can even provide a person to lead your training sessions.


We will plan a “Leader” trip for those churches that are interested in coming but want to experience Haiti prior to bringing down an entire team. This trip will consist of either a small group from your church or an individual leader who could come down and get a feel for our ministry, for our area of Haiti, and for traveling to Haiti without having to worry about the entire team. This is an excellent first step especially for a first time trip leader!

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Sharing With Your Church


All Things New will connect you with a specific person within our organization who will focus on specifically communicating what is happening with our ministry in Haiti. This person will make sure you are getting updates, actively communicate with church leadership, and communicate prayer requests for ATN so that your church will always know what is going on.


All Things New will keep you updated through email, newsletter, and our website about all that is happening in Haiti.


An All Things New missionary will make time to visit your church and share, face-to-face, with your congregation when possible. If you need a representative from ATN at a specific time of the year (Missions Day at your church, Orphan Sunday, etc.) and our missionaries are unavailable, ATN will send another leader to be there for your church.

Short-term mission trips are a wonderful way for GOD to open our eyes to the world around us. We believe that GOD can use these trips to spark a fire for missions in the lives of the people in your congregation and we hope we can play a role in that. Because of cost, deep need, and proximity to America, Haiti is an excellent place for people to get involved in missions and it could be a life-changing trip for the people in your church! 

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What We Expect From You


The main thing that we expect from our partnership churches is PRAYER! This is not an exaggeration but the absolute truth of why church partnerships are important to All Things New. There are other things that we hope these partnerships accomplish, but when churches get behind our ministry on a spiritual level and ask for GOD to be with and bless our ministry, that is when great things can happen!


We hope that you will allow us to come and share with your church, your missions teams, your small groups, or any other way that we could communicate with your congregation. The more people who know and care about All Things New the better, and churches are a great way for us to share about our ministry with others.


We would love to be a place that your church sends short-term mission teams. As we mentioned earlier, Haiti is a great place to introduce people to short-term missions and All Things New is a great ministry with which to begin. When your teams come down, we will make sure to be flexible and use the strengths and skills of your team. At the same time, we will put your team to work in ways that strengthen our ministry and we will have your teams do things that we could not do on our own. Our prayer is that both our ministry and your church would be changed by the people who come down and we believe that this can and will happen!

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