2 High School Graduates!

If you were still wondering about the news from our Facebook post...Yolmenda and Herbison have finished their classical schooling, and pending the results of their exams they will be graduating from High School!

I kept waiting for the results of their exams, but they kept not coming, and then I was just too proud of them not to share their incredible accomplishment.

I cannot adequately express how incredible this is. So few people in Haiti get to graduate high school, and with the way the country has been struggling over the past few years that number is dwindling.

The fact that Yolmenda and Herbison graduated is a testimony to their hard work and perseverance, and it is also a testimony to each of you. A special thanks goes out to First Baptist Church of LaGrange who has committed a lot of resources to our kids' schooling over the years...Thank you!

You may be wondering...What's Next? Unfortunately, the next is a little more complicated right now. Herbison really wants to learn English and then go to America on the refugee program. Yolmenda wants to attend a college in Port Au Prince. Both of these ideas are great in theory, but with the way the country is right now neither are very realistic. To start with, they will probably attend a local vocational or English school until things calm down within the country.

But back to the positive...After all of these years, and all of the time, work, and resources we all (you guys, our kids, our employees) put into All Things New, 2 of our kids have graduated! What an accomplishment.

In the end, we know the greatest thing in our lives is the love that GOD has for us. The fact that Yolmenda and Herbison are followers of Jesus is the best thing that has happened to them. At the same time, these small graces that GOD blesses us with are huge, and the ability to graduate from high school for them is a great accomplishment.

I hope that when you read this you are as proud as we are, and as sad as we are that we cannot be there at the upcoming graduation parties. (Yes, there are 2 parties because they did not want to have a joint party and I don't really blame them)

Again, thank you so much for helping our 2 oldest get to this point in their lives. Just so you know, there is even more news coming in the next few days...So stay tuned!

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