A Huge Blessing At A Wonderful Fundraiser

Our 2024 fundraiser that took place last month was our most profitable ever! We had a great turnout, met some new and wonderful people, had some very generous donations, and had an incredible surprise blessing at the end of the night.

The Surprise: When we went to get the bill for the fundraiser which includes food, service, rental, etc. at Deerwood Country Club, an anonymous donor had already covered the bill!

The truth is, times have been very difficult in Haiti all the way around. Not only can our family not go, but we also cannot take teams down. Those teams were the best way for us to build relationships with churches and for team members to come back to the states and help to be spokespeople for All Things New. We have missed that. 

On top of that, our kids are getting older and Haiti is not getting better. This scenario can make it very difficult to keep people behind our cause, but you guys have remained with us. I have had a couple of people give more monthly, we had an incredible fundraiser, and I get messages on a consistent basis that you guys are praying for us and for Haiti. For people who believe in prayer like we do, it is such an encouragement to hear.

On top of that, I have had some good conversations with people lately about our kid and how they are progressing. We are not sure what the future holds, but we can continue to move forward in hope because of Jesus and it feels like our employees and our kids are doing just that.

We have incredible people behind our ministry, and we are so blessed by that. Please keep praying and we will keep updating you on how things are going...one day that update will include a trip back down to Haiti...Hopefully sooner than later.

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