A Huge Improvement

With our upcoming trip back to Haiti growing closer and closer (we found out today that the State Department deposited our check for Elijah’s passport which means it should be her in a couple of days) one thing is really beginning to stand out.  Our support system in America is growing in both numbers and responsibilities, and I believe that GOD is using you (our support system) in many ways.  As our sponsors, supporters, volunteers, prayer warriors, financial givers, experts in different areas, and frequent visitors to us in Haiti you are helping ATN to develop into a stronger and stronger organization.  Over the next few days, leading up to our trip back down to Haiti, I will post a blog describing ways that you can get involved with our ministry.  Please feel free to reply to us on Facebook, through email, with a phone call, or any other way that you can think of to let us know if you are willing and able to help All Things New in any of these ways.

At our latest Team Meeting (it consisted of the board members who are leading our Development Team) I said something that I was not expecting to say.  I said, “Sometimes I feel like the weight of the future of our 29 kids and 30 employees (and their families) are resting squarely on my shoulders.”  I know that is a dramatic statement, but sometimes it is a hard feeling to escape, and it is a lot different living in Haiti than in America.  If our employees did not work for us, they probably would not work.  If our kids did not live with us…well you know the end of that statement, just think about where they used to live.  These 2 ideas are the cause of a lot of stress and occupy a large part of our minds.  That is not to lessen anyone else’s contribution to our organization, I hope you understand what I am trying to communicate…It can be an extreme source of stress!  

I understand the idea that we are not supposed to worry and that GOD is in control of everything, but my human mind does not always comprehend that fact.  However, when I looked around the room at the group of board members who were discussing how to improve the most difficult aspect of running a nonprofit (Development or Fundraising) it struck me that GOD has been and is building a team of people to run this organization.  At that meeting, I was surrounded by 4 other people who had more experience in fundraising than I do, more experience in business than I do, and a love for All Things New that we all share.  Everyone reading this is either a Sponsor, a Team Member, someone who has come to Haiti in the past, a prayer warrior, or is involved in ATN in some way or another.  One of the ways that GOD takes our stress is by providing His people to stand in our place and be there for us when things seem difficult.  GOD is using you guys to do just that.  We are so appreciative of how so many of you are stepping up when given the opportunity and we believe that GOD will be faithful.

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