A Long Weekend

Yesterday and today were very long days. Yesterday started off with a meeting at 6:45am which was followed by what seemed like 15 other meetings throughout the day and ended with Zalex winning our FIFA tournament at around 10:30. Today started off with 2 large piles of rocks being dumped on the road outside of our house. Me and Beni (our security guard) spent a good 20 minutes clearing a spot for the truck to get through while wearing my church clothes. My pants and shoes were covered in dust, and it was not really what I wanted to do right before church.

That gives you just a taste of the last two days. On top of that, our last day in Haiti always involves people coming from everywhere to ask you for things because they know it is their last chance. I had no less than 6 people (and I think more than that) ask me for money for a wide variety of different things including but not limited to sending their son to Brazil, paying for their college, and giving one person money so that they could be a child’s GodParent.

Other than that and in between meeting with people, I spent the whole day with the kids. We talked and we let them choose a Christmas present for this year. We watched a few movies and played a little Xbox. 

We went to church this morning and all of the kids had their new church clothes on. It was kind of fun watching them get ready, and then after church I asked if I could take a group picture. That actually turned into each kid posing for small group and individual pictures that I will post on the All Things New Facebook soon. 

One of the things that I am most excited about is that we had our first computer coding training day on Saturday. This will be a separate blog coming soon, but I am really excited about this possibility. It could be a life-chaning idea for a lot of people and I am praying that it turns into that.

Finally, this trip has been a wonderful beginning to what we hope is a lot of trips this year. We are hoping that things stay safe and that we may even be able to bring teams back again this summer. We are proceeding cautiously and praying hard, but it is a definite possibility. 

The kids are doing well, and I am so glad that I had these last few days with them. Please continue to pray for them and the country. Schools are still going, but there are some issues at Christianville School that we need your prayers to cover. We are really hoping that they are able to continue on with school with no more breaks in their schedule. 

Thank you for everything, and we will continue to keep you updated on what is going on here in Haiti and with All Things New!

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