A New All Things New Experience!

I cannot wait for our new video to be ready to show you guys. It is something different that we are doing this year and I think it is something very important for our ministry for a variety of reasons. Basically we are going to have an extended video of what a day in the life at All Things New in Haiti looks like.

For the past 2 years, we have not been able to bring teams down to Haiti due to social and political unrest throughout the country. In fact, as I type this, Haiti is considered a Level 4 Travel risk according to the US State Department and it has nothing to do with Covid since it was on this level starting in 2019. Less than 12 countries are usually on the Level 4 list and it includes places like North Korea, Afghanistan, and Venezuela.

Our fear is that after 2 years of having no teams come down to Haiti, people will begin to feel disconnected from our ministry and our kids, and it is does not look like we will be bringing teams down for the foreseeable future. We do not want any of you to feel disconnected to our ministry. We do our best to communicate well and to keep you in the loop with everything that happens, so we want to make sure you can still feel and see what it is like in Haiti.  

So, in early December, we took a trip down to Haiti with a videographer and a couple of other people to get footage to show people what life in Haiti is like. Nate Edwards, the videographer, filmed Port Au Prince, Leogane, scenes from the orphanage, and most importantly followed our kids and our employees around for 3 straight days to get a feel for what life in Haiti is like.

We (and by "we" I mean Nate) are going to put together a documentary type video out of the hours of footage that Nate took so that everyone can "reconnect" with our kids and with Haiti. You will be able to see how much they've grown, hear how different they sound, and feel how different life is in a 3rd World Country. 

For a preview of the high quality video that will be produced, check out this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGmi4e-A9ps The boys begged Nate to make them a "highlight" video like what you can find on YouTube for Christiano and Messi. I showed them the video when I there last week, and every kid was glued to the screen laughing and talking about how beautiful the video was.

All of that to say, stay tuned! Since an in-person fundraiser at the end of February is not going to happen this year, and because we still have to have a fundraiser at that time every year, our goal is to incorporate this video into a virtual fundraiser of some sort. The bottom line is:

Stay tuned and get ready to feel like you are back in Haiti, or there for the first time. If we cannot bring you to Haiti, we want to try and bring Haiti to you!

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