A Pressing Need

This is the last blog for the week, and next week we plan on going back to our normal 1-2 per week.  Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with our ministry.  I cannot say enough how encouraging it is to have you behind us and how much we need and covet your prayers.  There are so many things we are learning and going through as individuals and as a ministry and we truly could not do it without you.  I want to close our week by relating our most pressing need to those of you who care about us and are behind our ministry.  It is simple — We Need To Build!  We need to get down to Haiti on a permanent basis so that we can be there for the children that we love, and we cannot do it without land buildings.  Sure, we have a great place to stay while we are down there (Christianville) and they have been great to us.  But we need our own place, and much more importantly, our kids need their own place!

Some of you may have looked at our Financial Needs page and think that there is nothing you can do, and it is true that the numbers are pretty daunting.  But here is what we are asking right now.  We are asking for our supporters to help us by getting us in front of corporations, connecting us with philanthropists, and telling us about foundations/grants that you are familiar with or know about.  Again, we are still very new at fundraising, and we need your help.  

You guys have been awesome so far.  Who would have thought that Jess and I could have gone full-time with the ministry in less than a year, that our kids could be taken care of with food and education, and that we would be only about $13,000 short on a $100,000 land purchase.  Honestly, if you would have told me that we would be in this financial position 1 year ago, I’m not sure my small faith would have believed it.  But GOD is good!  

Also, there are still some time constraints that we have in terms of being able to purchase land and begin building because of the political climate in Haiti.  So what we are asking is for you to help us get out in front.  That we would be able to purchase land and begin building as soon as the legal issues are overcome.

But the bottom line is that we are ready!  We have organized here in the states, we have our 501c3, and our sponsorship is growing every day and helping us cover our day-to-day costs.  We are ready to move forward, we are ready to be down in Haiti, and we are ready to be the loving caregivers that our children need to be with them on a daily basis.  We need your help.  Please contact us with any lead, no matter how small, that may help us get closer to our capital financial goals.  The children of All Things New need us down us to be down there, and we need you to help us.

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