A Wonderful Fundraiser!

We will get back to our normal blog/email next week where we discuss what is going on in Haiti and with the kids and employees of All Things New. However, we did not want too much time to pass prior to saying THANK YOU to all of our supporters for helping to make our fundraiser this past Friday one of the most well-attended and definitely the most successful that we have ever had.

We have been doing fundraisers every year since we started except for last year because of COVID, and in all honesty we were a little concerned going into 2022 about how the event would go. When Omicron hit and a lot of restrictions seemed to be going into place, it was difficult to project interest and attendance for our annual Jacksonville Fundraiser.

You guys came through and came through in a big way!

Friday night was fun, high energy, and it was great to see everyone in the same place again after 2 years. We felt loved and supported by each of you and the night was very encouraging for us and it will be for our kids as well when we explain it to them.

We are really close to exact numbers at this point, but there are a couple of things still out there. With that said, we know for sure that it was our most successful annual fundraiser from a financial perspective, and it was one of our highest attended since we have been hosting them at Deerwood Country Club.

I do not want to thank people individually in this email because I would forget some of you and I do not want to. With that said, thank you to everyone who worked really hard to pull this off and thank you to everyone who gave up their Friday night to be there and support All Things New!

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