All The Money Was Returned!

Many of you have been keeping up with All Things New over the last month and knew that our bank account was hacked and all of the money was taken out of our business checking account in May. As of last Friday, all of the money was returned!

I will be honest, I am not 100% clear on how the money was taken nor on how it was returned to us, but I am ok not understanding as long as it was returned. We are now going through the steps of making sure it never happens again and connecting our new checking account with all of the things our old one was connected to.

Thank you for your prayers, and even in the midst of a very difficult season of ministry for ATN, GOD is good and he saved us from what could have been devastating to our ministry.

Also, sorry it took me a week to update you on this, but I wanted to make sure it was real before I shared, and after a week I believe that it is! There are many more updates to give and a lot going on in Haiti, especially since about 400 Kenyan police officers began their mission to help curb gang violence. For now, however, we just celebrate that the money was returned and we now can get what is needed to our people on the ground! 

FYI: We are trying to plan an event in LaGrange for the Fall, if anyone is interested in helping us get this scheduled, please reply to this email or contact me (Matt) directly.

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