An Update On Our Kids

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If you have kept up with either the news in Haiti, or our Facebook page, then you know things are not looking good there. So many things have happened, and the one thing they really need, a scheduled election, does not seem to be happening. Even now, it seems very obvious that the country's Prime Minister had something to do with the assassination of their President back in July.

Without re-hashing everything that has happened over the past 3 years, I do want to ask you to consider the effect that things like this are having on our kids. Think about it. Most of our kids are teenagers, they listen to the radio, and they hear about things in school. They know what is going on.

On top of that, they also know they are getting older and closer to moving out into the "real world" in Haiti. Can you imagine that? It is hard enough to make those big steps when you can find a job, acquire marketable skills, and have a family to fall back on if things do not work out.

We have not even been able to see our kids in months, so the people that they look to for love and support have been missing. The only think I can think of is what if Sophie, Elijah, and Zeke were in that position.

At our last "Vision Re-Casting" meeting, we talked about the difficulties, and one thing we said is this: "Our kids have not moved backwards, and in Haiti over the past 3 years, that is the same as moving forward."

They've continued to progress in school, eat 3 meals every day, and be physically cared for by people who love them. Their spirits are up, and every time I talk to them all they can say is "thank you." 

They are truly amazing kids.

If I am being honest, I have had quite a few "melt downs" based on the state of Haiti. It can be so frustrating to want to be there so badly and to see the kids, but guess what...I'm in America. The land of the free, a place where things are abundant. 

The update on our kids is that they don't melt down. They are pushing forward and they believe in their own futures. They are doing well in school, leaning into their churches, and believing that they are loved.

I will do a more specific update soon, but I am just utterly amazed by our employees and kids during this time. It is hard to express how difficult things have been in that country and even harder to express how gracefully and magnificently All Things New (and I mean you, our kids, and our employees) have handled it.

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