Annual Dinner Celebration and Fundraiser!

We had an awesome 5K this past Saturday! Thank you to the Lindbloms and to BTHS ATN Club for putting it on. I cannot imagine the amount of work and planning it took, but the event was awesome!

Now, we are turning our attention to the All Things New Annual Dinner Celebration and Fundraiser at Deerwood Country Club on Friday March 4 at 6:30pm. We had a great time watching the documentary together last year, but we are really looking forward to getting back to our annual face-to-face event at Deerwood. We hope you are planning on joining us and you can purchase tickets by clicking here.

We also have a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to invite friends and family to the event this year. This year, we will be having a plated dinner with 8-person tables in the event room. Here are the 2 opportunities you have to help us get more people to this year's event than ever before!

1. Be An Event Sponsor. If your business or company would like to be an event sponsor, the cost is only $1000 this year. Included in the cost is 8 seats at a table, your company's name and logo on the screen and printed materials at the event, and social media mentions through the All Things New Facebook and Instagram accounts. To sign up to be a Business Sponsor Click Here.

2. Be A Table Captain. To be a table captain, simply invite people to the event and try to fill up an 8-person table with friends and family. If you want to do this without asking your friends to pay for tickets, we have made it easy for you this year by offering $500 Tables! Click this link, and the $500 will pay for all 8 seats at a table, then all you have to do is invite friends and family to hear about ATN and what we do in Haiti. You could also just commit to inviting enough people to fill up a table and have them purchase tickets separately. As a table captain, we just ask that you let us know before the event who is coming with you.

We really are looking forward to this event, and we will let you know more about it as the time draws near. I know there is going to be a great dinner, a live auction with some terrific items, and some information about ATN as we celebrate 10 years since Jessica and my first trip down to Haiti before All Things New even existed. Let me know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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