ATN 2018: Team Structure

Our Jacksonville Fundraiser on March 2 (That’s just a little over a week away so click here to register) and our LaGrange Fundraiser in October (click here to join the Facebook group) are huge events for us every year and are important to make sure we can continue to do ministry in Haiti.  I want to make sure to highlight our upcoming fundraiser because we are only 12 days away and we want everyone reading this to try and be a part of this wonderful night.  The event will take place at Deerwood Country Club starting at 6:30 pm.  We are calling the fundraiser “A Taste of Haiti” because it will include Haitian food, drinks, music, and much more.  Jess and I will do an update on All Things New and there will be live and silent auctions going on as well.  So please, click here and sign up to attend this event!

With that said, the purpose of the blog today is to talk about the Team Structure that we have instituted over the past year and what the future of this aspect of our ministry will look like.  If you would like to learn more about what each team does, just click on the links below and you will find a description of what we hope each team is able to accomplish.  As of now, our teams are as follows:

The main reason that we have begun to structure our organization in this way is because we know that many of you have talents and skills that could help All Things New moving forward.  Our Haiti Team has already come up with 2 ideas that we are hoping to put into place in 2018 to begin our job creation initiative, our development team has totally revamped our fundraiser as you will see on March 2, and our Finance Team has developed our 2018 budget and found a few things that we will change in 2018 to help ATN moving forward and that is just to name a few things that have already happened.  We would love for anyone who is reading this and has a desire to get more involved with All Things New to contact us and let us know where you would most fit!

On top of that, many of you can do things that we do not even know we need.  We have a sewing group from Arlington Baptist Church that has blessed our kids on numerous occasions, a sponsor who designs and makes bowties who has become a huge part of our ministry (his page is called Casually Dapper if you are looking for a bow tie), and many other people who have put together fundraisers or found speaking engagements for us.  The idea of this team structure is that the ATN family is bigger than just a few people, and we believe that GOD can use our collective expertise and training to move our organization forward.  Please know that our “door” is always open and we would love to hear ways that you could be more involved with ATN, and especially if you could put your skills to use in one of these Team Areas.  If you would like to know more information contact us and we will make sure that we put your skills to use for ATN!

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