ATN Covid 19 Update

First of all, thank you to everyone who has been praying and asking about how All Things New is doing and especially how our kids have been getting along. Since March 20, our kids have stayed inside their gate with 2 house moms who have agreed to stay with them 24/7 so that no other employee would have to enter the gate.

We have been in constant communication with Lener and Gina, and the kids seem to be doing well considering. Here are some ways that Covid-19 have affected our kids and employees:

  • Our kids missed almost 3 months of school at the beginning of the year because of protests and rioting in the country. They started back to school in mid-January just to have school cancelled again less than 2 months later because of the virus. It seems as if this is going to be a wasted year academically for our kids and almost every kid in Haiti.
  • Almost 90% of our employees have not worked since March 20. We are trying to figure out the best way to handle this situation for them and for All Things New, and this involves some difficult decisions.
  • Our family has not been able to go to Haiti for a while and we have not had a team come down in over 15 months. We do not know when either of these 2 situations may change.

We are so thankful for Lener and Gina and the way that they have taken care of the kids and the ministry in our absence. In fact, this weekend, the kids may be taking a trip to a plot of land that Raymond and Gina have purchased and sits abandoned. The kids could get there and back with no other human contact, but they will get to run around, play soccer, and eat mangoes. In case you were wondering, those 3 elements are the makings of a perfect day.

As far as Haiti goes, please continue to be in prayer for the country in general. There are, as of Sunday, almost 60 confirmed cases, 4 deaths, and 0 recoveries so far. As I have mentioned numerous times, these numbers are not accurate and very few tests are being done. Many people estimate that only about 500-600 tests have actually been completed in the country.

For a frame of reference, there are over 5,000 confirmed cases in the Dominican Republic which is located on the same island as Haiti. Without testing and with very little social distancing taking place, the results could be dire. 

On top of that, a few days ago, the Prime Minister of Haiti (very prematurely) declared "Victory Over the Virus." This, of course, is not true, but we are praying that Haiti will be spared what could be very scary and negative consequences. They are not prepared to handle a pandemic and we are praying that GOD spares the country.

It will be very difficult to know what is truly going on in Haiti and how the virus is affecting the population. All we can do is pray right now and we will keep our eyes and ears open to what is happening on the ground there and we will try to keep you informed. Please keep praying for Haiti as we continue to lift up America and what is going on here.

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