ATN Update!

As you know, things in Haiti have been crazy. We have continued to keep you fairly updated on the goings-on in the country, but we have talked less about our kids and ATN lately because things in the country have been so difficult.

Here are some things coming up:

1. Giving Tuesday. This year's Giving Tuesday is as important as any we have ever had. Last year was awesome, and we got our largest Facebook match we have ever received, so thank you so much for participating. This year, with inflation in Haiti sitting at over 30%, we need your help even more. Save the Date for November 29, 2022 and please make plans to create a fundraiser for All Things New and to give to our cause!

2. Orphan Sunday. Orphan ministry is definitely close to our hearts and it is close to the heart of God. Please encourage your church to take part in Orphan Sunday on Nov. 13, click here for more info.

3. Winter Meet Up. Mark your calendars for Jan. 27 at Hampton Landing Clubhouse. We had a great time at our Fall Meet Up and hope to see you guys again this winter.

Here is a brief update on ATN and our kids:

1. They Have Not Started School. Because of the unrest and gang activity throughout the country, very few schools have started back even though they were supposed to start at the beginning of September. Our kids do tutoring everyday, but they are waiting on the day that school starts again.

2. Thanks To You, They Are Doing Ok. They eat 3 meals every day, they are "safe" in a rural community, and all of their needs are being met. They are also loved and cared for well. Thank you.

3. Our Employees Have Not Missed A Paycheck. With inflation topping 30% on top of already crazy inflation from the year before, people in Haiti are starving, homeless, and they cannot even find clean water. Our employees, and therefore their families and even many of their friends are ok because of your giving.

4. Things Are Still Uncertain. Things are not getting better. There is some talk of Canada taking the lead with a peacekeeping mission and some other rumors that the U.S. might sponsor some South American countries sending troops in to help with the problem. As of now it is just rumors and chaos continues to reign. Whatever you are picturing with what we share, it is much worse.

5. We Don't Know When We Will Go Back. I have scheduled and cancelled countless trips down to see the kids, but as of now the uncertainty and danger is greater than our need to get down. We miss them and we talk to them often, but we cannot get down to see them and we have no idea when that will change.

Stay tuned on Facebook over the next few weeks. We plan on highlighting each of our kids at the orphanage in separate Facebook posts with updated pictures. 

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