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Hopefully over the last week you have noticed All Things New has a new look! We have a new website: and a new logo.  We are so excited about both of these.  Almost a year ago, I met Taylor Wehri.  Taylor has a heart for serving the Lord, a love for All Things New, and is very talented.  Realizing the need for a fresh look, Taylor immediately started to take over the design of our emails.  She also started to work on a new logo for All Things New after getting to know both Matt and I and hearing our heart and vision for our kids in Haiti.  Next came our new website!  An enormous amount of design and work has gone into this website.  Taylor did all of this free of charge while working a full time job AND starting her own non-profit organization! We thought it best to let Taylor explain her heart behind all of this and also let her tell you a little about herself. .......

Hello! I’m Taylor Wehri the graphic designer and web builder for the new and improved All Things New logo and website. This ministry really touches home to my heart with its compassion and drive to improve lives and show children they have purpose in this world.

I wanted to give you a glimpse into my heart for the inspiration and reasoning behind the logo and the design choices I made to illustrate All Things New in its deepest light. I remember praying and asking God for a logo that would capture all the incredible work All Things New is doing from the sponsorship program all the way to paving a bright future to all the children in Haiti.

For the logo, I based it off All Things New vision and also what Jessica told me in the idea of rebirth and giving the children in Haiti a new hope and love for Jesus.

The idea is for it to look like a plant with leaves, one leaf being larger and the other being smaller as if it is a parent holding a child. This represents two different things. All Things New gives love and nourishment to the children in Haiti, but also God carries and nourishes each one of His children each day. This also is in the vision of Sharing His love and Caring for His children.

At the bottom there is a seed sprouting which represents foundation and rebirth. Seeds and leaves both represent life. They continually go through a cycle of creating new life, just as Jesus gives us new life. The seed represents Teaching His Word in that it is a foundation. If the seed did not exist, the plant could not grow. Each day All Things New is planting seeds into the hearts of many and is sharing Jesus’s love to the world creating new and abundant life!

I really hope you love the new logo. I believe it was a vision straight from God- emphasizing the growth and provision that All Things New give His children each day.

I wanted to share a little about myself as well. I am originally from Northwest Ohio and moved to Jacksonville 2 years ago. I love living in Florida, especially taking adventures to the beach.

My passion though is deeply rooted in caring for God’s people. I recently started a nonprofit called submersion14 and our goal is to create a sustainable environment while spreading compassionate love to the world. We send eco-friendly backpacks to people in need with necessary items to promote cleanliness, creativity, and activity. I would love for you to check out our website,

Thank you so much! I would love to hear any feedback, comments, or questions!

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