Babyson’s Future

Today we are continuing our blog series about the future that our kids’ desire for their own lives.  We asked some general and some specific questions to each of our kids, and we focused a lot of our attention on what they hope to do when they graduate and are out on their own.  If you have missed any of our recent posts, just click on a name and it will take you to their blog…Woodly, Yolmenda, Herbison, Apolon.

Babyson is the newest addition to All Things New as he began living with us back in May.  It is a very interesting story, and you can click here to read a little more about the circumstances that led to Babyson living with us (also note that we have since learned how to spell his name based on his birth certificate).

There is always a struggle, when writing a blog about one of our kids, about how much information to share on each child.  It is important for you, our supporters, to get to know the kids and get a sense of who they are, but at the same time it is important to protect their privacy because they are just children.  One thing I can tell you about Babyson, without hesitation, is that everybody loves him.  In fact, I would say all of our house moms adore him.  He has a great personality, a clear sense of humor, and even though he started school just this past year he is very smart.

When we sat down with Babyson to ask him about his future, it was very clear that nobody had ever asked him anything like that before and he had no idea what to say.  It was also very clear that he very much enjoyed having this “interview” with us.  He just sat across the table with this huge grin on his face pretty much the whole time.  This is to be expected with our younger kids, and especially with 8 year old Babyson whose only consideration prior to May was meeting his immediate needs.

I believe that GOD has something great in store for Babyson.  If you read his “Meet Babyson” blog, then you know a little bit about his background.  You get a sense of how difficult his life was up to this point, and he has somehow remained an incredibly nice, sharing, and loving boy.  He loves Elijah and Sophie (and he will love Ezekyal too) very much and always wants to be the one holding their hand.

Please continue to pray for Babyson and his future, oh yeah, he wants to be a mechanic when he grows up.  To be completely honest, he did not actually say anything, so we gave him some possible professions and “mechanic” was the first one we said, so he went with it.  He has a lot of time to figure out what he will be when he gets older, and I for one cannot wait to see what that is.

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