Back to America for the Summer

There are so many things that I could write about in regards to us leaving this coming Thursday to spend a couple of weeks in America.  I could write about how crazy the next couple of days will be and how much we need you guys to cover us in prayer both as a ministry and a family.  I could tell you about how the kids have finals this week and their finals constitute 100% of their grade for their last semester so they really need to do well.  I could tell you all about what we have planned for the summer or how great our team has been the last couple of days (they threw an incredible employee appreciation party this past Saturday).  I could write about how much we will miss the kids, how happy we are to see our family, or even how much we are looking forward to having a break after the past 3 crazy months of ministry down here.  You get the point, there are a lot of different things I could tell you about, but I am going to focus on 1 thing.  I am going to give you a few reasons why it is important for us to be in the states for the next couple of months:

  1. The summer here is really hot, and especially for a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old.  
  2. We need our time in the states to be productive and we really need your help with this!  We will take time to rest and visit family, but we also need this time to help us move forward in our ministry.  Here are some things we hope to accomplish:
    1. We are seeking new church partners (click here to learn more) who would commit to praying for All Things New and keeping your congregation up-to-date with what is going on.  If your church or small group is interested in this, please let me know! 
    2. I am planning to take a trip up to LaGrange to meet with the incredible team up there who have been supporting All Things New since we started.  If you have a small group, church, service club, or any other group that would be interested in hearing more about All Things New in LaGrange, please let me know and we will get something on the calendar for when I am there!
    3. If you live in Jacksonville, we will be in the states for 2 months and this would be the perfect time to catch up and learn more about our ministry.  Individuals, small groups, businesses, churches, etc. in the Jacksonville area that are interested in scheduling a time to meet, we can definitely make that happen.  Even outside of Jacksonville, we will do our best to travel to you.
  3. We need to take some time to rest.

We will be in the states until close to the end of August, so please join us in prayer for the ministry of All Things New while we are away.  It is necessary for us to be in the states, but it can be hard on the kids and on the ministry for us to be gone.  Also, please note that we plan on coming back to the states for the months of November and December and we would love to schedule a time to meet when we are home then as well.  

Our time in America is extremely important for the growth and health of All Things New, but we cannot be successful without your help! 

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