Back to Haiti

I will be heading back down to Haiti soon, and we would love for you to pray for us.  I will only be gone for about 10 days, but it is always difficult leaving your family behind.  On top of that, things in Haiti could turn at any moment, so please pray for continued peace in the country and that the leaders of both sides would come together and talk through their differences.  We covet your prayers and we are so appreciative of everyone who is a part of this ministry.

Here are some of the things I am hoping to accomplish while I am down there:

  • Meet with all of our employees and make sure everything is going well for each of them.
  • Spend time with the kids and help them to know that we are still working for them even when we are not in Haiti.
  • Start getting our computer coding idea off of the ground by meeting with Mackenson and going over his progress along with meeting with the other 6 new trainees.
  • Talk to our contact about beginning Ezekyal’s adoption process.
  • Make sure we are administratively and financially well on the ground.
  • Meet with teachers and leaders from each of the schools our kids attend and make sure everyone is progressing well.

The most important thing I can do on a trip like this is to provide consistency and to show our kids and employees that we are still doing the best we can do for them even when we are away for a while.  Please pray for the upcoming trip and pray for Jess and the kids while I am away.  I will keep you updated on our progress while I am down there.  

If you are still reading this, there is one thing you could really help us with in the next few weeks and months…

Help us get in front of your Group!

Whether it be your church (I love to preach), a small group, a Sunday School class, your civic club, or just a group of your friends gathered around a meal.  Our goal is to talk to as many people as possible about All Things New and to recruit new sponsors to be a part of our ministry.  We have some big ideas coming up and we need your help to get the word out so that we can make them happen!   Just contact us and we will schedule a time to come and speak to your group.  If you are in Jacksonville or LaGrange it will be easy, if you are somewhere else, don’t worry, we will travel.

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