Changes at All Things New!

You have probably noticed that there have been some changes recently at All Things New, and we are very excited about what is going on. We have 2 new girls moving on campus and we have recently moved from our home of 7 years to a new place right down the road that is even better for our kids!

The first thing that I have to say because of what is going on is that we need your help from a financial standpoint. I am going to list some of our needs based on the changes going on, and it is important to remember that we run a pretty tight budget normally, so changes like these can affect us a lot. Here are the financial needs:

 - Initial Move-In Costs: $2,000 (1 month rent/misc. needs)

 - Moving/Installing the Solar Panels/Generator to the new home: $1,000

 - Estimated Costs of Repairs for the Old House: $1,500

 - Costs to move out of the old home: Estimated $4,500 (explained below)

 - New Mattresses, Fix Beds: Estimated $1,000

- Helping House Moms affected by flooding: Estimated $1,200

The total, which is probably a little low compared to actual costs, is around $11,200, and we have raised just about half of that so far. 

The best 2 ways you can help us financially is:

 1. Give towards the move by clicking here.

 2. Share our Posts on social media and ask your friends/family to help us out and give! Click Here to go to our Facebook Page and share the latest post.

We are so appreciative of the faithfulness that our supporters have shown over some very difficult circumstances. We continue to operate in Haiti and our kids continue to thrive in a difficult environment because of you. The daily miracles of food, safety, school, and basic needs being met are absolutely amazing and I will write more about that in a future blog post.

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