Christmas Party Pictures

As you can imagine, the Christmas party was awesome!  It was just a lot of fun and I cannot even explain to you how joyful the kids were.  In fact, today’s blog will be almost all pictures of the party just so you can see some of their faces.  Also, one more pretty funny story about the party is that Son Son is the only kid who lives here that did not ask for a bike, he actually got a camera instead.  At first, I thought it was a strange thing to ask for and then especially to not give into peer pressure when I realized what he did.  He realized that if everyone else had a bike, he would get to ride someone else’s bike pretty much whenever he wanted so he asked for something else knowing that he would get a bike too.  So far he has been on bikes as much as anyone and he has a camera!  If you know Son Son, you know this is what Jess and I like to refer to as “Classic Son Son!”  Anyway, here are some pics from yesterday:

Zalex Bike        Tony Bike        Son Son Camera


Mvinsley Bike        Malayika Bike        Misthafa


Kin Kin Bike        Dinna Bike        BiGuedy




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