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Almost 2 years ago now, when Hurricane Matthew made landfall just a few miles from All Things New, something incredible happened to our ministry and our family.  We could feel the prayers of GOD’s people and our supporters in a way that is very difficult to explain unless you were able to experience what it was like.  You may remember that I sent Jess and Sophie home (Elijah was not yet born) to be safe as Sophie was not even a year old yet.  While we were separated, we asked our supporters to pray for us, and they did.  I cannot say that we were kept safe because of those prayers or that our home was spared as a result, but what I can say is that the peace of GOD was all over our lives and our ministry no matter what actually happened.  I want to say thank you again for praying for us during that time.  The reason that I started this blog like this is because when the Hurricane was bearing down on us, we immediately contacted our partnering churches and immediately after that we had thousands of people praying for us.  Arlington Baptist, Christ’s Church Mandarin, First Baptist Church in LaGrange, and RiverTown Church were all contacted about what was happening and they prayed for us, and we felt those prayers as tangibly as if someone had tapped us on the shoulder and said “we are praying for you.”  

After saying all of that, one of the things that I learned the most is that when we turn to our partnering churches…They Pray!  The unfortunate reality of a post like this is that many people (and churches) will read the title automatically think we are asking for churches to partner with us financially.  What we are actually looking for, however, is something much greater than that.  We are looking for churches to partner with us spiritually.  To commit to pray for us as we commit to pray for you, to send teams down to serve as we want to see each team members’ life changed, and to communicate with each other especially when difficult or incredible things are happening that we want to share together in our ministries.  If you would like to know a little bit more about this type of partnership, please click the link below and learn about how we can partner together in ministry:


The bottom line is that we know that GOD has called us to minister here in Gressier, Haiti.  He has made that very evident over the past few years and we are very excited about where He is leading us and what our ministry will look like in the years to come.  At the same time, we understand that we need to the power of GOD to do great things for Him.  Your church and its leadership can offer us wisdom, counsel, and most importantly prayer and we will always desperately need those things.  If you are a church leader or have the ability to contact a leader in your church, please ask them to pray about his opportunity.  We will be in the states from the middle of June to August and then again in November to January and we would love to come and talk to your church about this partnership could work.

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