Computer Coding Has Begun!

Many of you who keep up with All Things New know that we have spent the last few years real focusing on the future of our kids. If you have children, then you know that focusing on their future means a lot of different things. From what they believe about GOD to how they act to what they will do to support their families are all a part of the equation and are things that we want to help them figure out. Some things, of course, are more challenging than others.

One of the biggest challenges we face in helping our kids figure out their future in Haiti is what they will do for a career. The unemployment statistics on the UNICEF website list Haiti’s unemployment rate at 48%. They take into account those who are employed in agriculture, selling items on the side of the road, and as moto drivers. The truth is, the un/underemployment rate is closer to 80% in rural areas like Gressier. 

I know we have mentioned it before, but the challenge to find 1 person work in an environment like that seems almost insurmountable. To have 30 kids that you care for, and a whole community that you want to help seems impossible.

While we have several ideas that we are currently working through, the one that I am most excited about is our computer coding idea. It is a fairly well developed plan, but I do not want to get into specifics about the plan yet. All I want to tell you right now is that we are looking for churches (of all sizes but mainly small to medium sized churches to start with) that need help maintaining and designing their website. Let me repeat:

We are looking for churches who need help with their website!

If you are a member of a church like this, please contact me and let me explain to you what we are hoping to do with the future of this initiative.

This past Saturday, 3 of our coders (pictured above) were officially introduced to the program and the next day (Sunday) the other 3 initial coders went through their orientation. This is really exciting because we are mere months away from this plan coming to fruition. Please be in prayer for GOD to work through this. Here are some things to help you pray:

  • We have 6 people from the community going through the training right now to see if it will work for our kids.
  • Our kids will have to become fluent in english to make this plan work for them.
  • We already have 1 church, Arlington Baptist, who will allow us to do some work for them.
  • Headed by Will Hunnicut, we are hoping to have 1 Computer Science Major at Georgia Tech partner with each of our coders to help with questions that they may have. Will has already spoken with Mackenson on the phone and is willing to help walk with him throughout the process.

Please stay tuned to our blog because in the next few months I hope to have some really good news and I plan on more thoroughly explaining the idea and the plan as it progresses. We just don’t want to give anything away just yet.


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