Crazy Summer

Have you ever looked back at the last couple of months of your life and just thought about how busy everything was.  We just finished June and July with a really crazy schedule.  I took the youth to Six Flags at the beginning of June, followed by Jessica’s last week of school, followed by a 2 week trip to Haiti where we got sick and were laid up for the following week, after the week of being sick we took the youth to camp, then we went to a beach house with Jessica’s extended family, and then this past week we led a kid’s day camp for our church.  It may not sound that crazy, but each of those things took a lot out of us, and I began to realize something – it was an awesome 2 months that I am glad are coming to an end.

If you noticed I didn’t put up as many blog posts and we didn’t post on Facebook as much as we used to, mainly because we were not in town.  With the adoption in the works and with All Things New just waiting to really get off the ground, it is so great to be able to focus more of our time and energy on these 2 things.  All of the things that we did were great, necessary, and GOD honoring, but we are glad to be back to a normal schedule.  Sometimes when life gets that busy it is hard to maintain your focus on what is most important – our relationship with our Savior.

Here is one thing I learned – GOD truly is everything.  This is not lip service, this is true.  I felt myself a couple of times during the summer wanting to sleep instead of enjoying my Savior in Bible study and prayer.  But the awesome thing is that no matter how tired I was, GOD honored my time in the Word with Him.  Have you ever been so in love with someone that no matter what time it is and no matter how tired you are, you want to be with them?  Have you ever cared so much about someone that you just thought about them and wondered what they were thinking or where they were or what they were up to?  I’m sure that if you are married or have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend you know what I am talking about.  You just love them, you just care about them.

I remember before Jess and I started dating, there were a couple of nights where we just stayed up talking.  We were tired, worn out in fact, but we just desired to be together.  Since we have been married, we continue to love to spend time together.  We have a vacation planned later in August where just the 2 of us are going to get away and be together because it is so much fun to get away from everyone else and be with each other.

Have you ever felt this way about GOD?  You just wanted to be with Him.  You craved His Word and His presence in your life more than anything else.  You loved Him and it didn’t matter how tired you were or how much sleep you needed or what else was going on in your life, you wanted your Savior – you needed Him.  In the midst of this busy time in our life, I realized that.  That I am beginning to want Him, to desire Him, to miss out on sleep because I just need His presence.  My Savior is so incredible, and I never want to forget that.  As we move forward in our adoption and as All Things New gets busier and bigger, I hope that this desire for GOD never goes away.  I want to always want Him no matter what.

I have such a great example in my wife already as I see her desire GOD and I hope she sees that in me as well.  And when we bring our children home I hope that they always see that in both of us.  I want this to be the center of our life because without Him, what does it matter?  Without knowing and loving Him I can’t imagine what my life would be like.

This is my challenge to myself and anyone else who decides to read this blog…

Fall in love with your Savior every single day.  Crave His Word, love Him, talk to Him…He is worth it!

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