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As many of you know, we recently purchased plane tickets to go to Haiti for the first time as a family of 4!  We are really excited, a little nervous, and really hopeful that Elijah’s passport comes in the mail today.  At the same time, we realize that All Things New can only continue to improve as our supporters in the states continue to help us move forward.  With that in mind, at the same time we are planning our trip to Haiti, we are continuing with a blog series called “Get Involved” where we will be listing the many different ways that each of you can get more involved with ATN moving forward.  If you missed our first 2 blogs in the series, just click on the links to read about Prayer and Coming to Haiti.

Today, I am going to talk about joining one of our new ATN Teams!  If you have been keeping up with our blog over the past few months, you may be feeling a little over communicated with as it pertains to our teams, and I apologize for that.  However, the success of this initiative will be extremely important for ATN moving forward and especially as we begin to branch out into discipleship and job creation as a part of our ministry.  Our hope is that you (our supporters) will see these teams as a way to use your passion/expertise/interests to help the ministry of All Things New moving forward.  If you live in LaGrange, our LaGrange team will eventually be broken up into 4 smaller teams (Large Scale Development, small scale fundraisers, marketing, and spiritual) and if you live anywhere else other than LaGrange or Jacksonville please contact us and we will figure out how to get you involved as well.  The following is a list of each team, and if you click on the name of each team you will see a brief description of what it will do (though most are self-explanatory).

Development Team
Finance Team
Marketing Team
Spiritual Team
Haiti Team
LaGrange Team

With Jess and I back in Haiti for the majority of the year, we need your help!  Our operations stateside are vital to making our work in Haiti happen and we cannot do it without you.  Even if you do not see an area where you feel like you have expertise, we can also just use willing workers (and if you are a high school student looking for hours, let us know).  So far, our LaGrange Team, Spiritual Team, and Finance Team have all met once.  Our Haiti Team and our Development Team are both meeting tomorrow, and we are still waiting on a leader for our Marketing Team before we move forward in that area.  The bottom line is that we are off to a great start, but we can always use your help!  We also want to say thank you to our team leaders and participants.  We know that this is another thing to add to your busy schedule, but our team leaders are top notch and will make sure that your time is well spent helping the ministry of All Things New.


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