Giving Tuesday!

This is a reminder that tomorrow is Giving Tuesday and we would love for all of our supporters to participate in this day with us! Even if you cannot donate directly, you can participate by setting up a Facebook Fundraiser and inviting all of your friends to take part.  To setup a Giving Tuesday Facebook Fundraiser for All Things New, all you have to do is Click Here Now and you will be taken to a page where all you have to do is follow the instructions to get started. 

If you give to a Facebook Fundraiser at 8:00am tomorrow morning, your donation will be matched twice! Once by Facebook and once by generous All Things New donors who have agreed to match donations all day up to $7,000 given. That means for every $1 that you donate to All Things New on Facebook at 8:00am tomorrow, we will receive $3 in donations. Here are some things to keep in mind when you donate:

  • The matching through Facebook is first come/first serve up to $7 million. That seems like a lot, but if you do not donate at 8:00am (let’s say you wait until 8:01 or give at 7:55) then we will not receive the match. 
  • Your donation, throughout the day, even if you do not give right at 8:00, will be matched by other ATN donors who are trying to make sure our Giving Tuesday is a success.
  • If you setup a Facebook Fundraiser by Clicking Here, you can help us reach our goal.  Share it with your friends and let everyone know that All Things New is a cause that is dear to your heart.  Not only will this help us raise more money, it will also help us get the word out to people who may not have known about ATN before.

Thank you in advance for helping us raise money for Giving Tuesday. As you know, the situation in Haiti has been going down hill for a while, and it is important that we continue to do what we can to help!  As costs increase and things become more and more difficult there, you guys are stepping up to help us make the biggest impact that we can make.  Thank you!

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