Giving Tuesday Without the Giving…

Over the past 2 months we have had a matching funds campaign in October, our LaGrange Fundraiser in November, and ATN Family Day just a couple of weeks ago.  All of these things were great successes for All Things New, and we are so appreciative for everything that each of you have done.  Many of you have given above and beyond this year and we cannot begin to express how much we appreciate what you have done to help further our ministry in Haiti.  We also understand how important it is for you to choose a ministry that you trust and that you believe in when you give.  Please know that we consider it an honor that you believe our commitment to GOD, to our kids, and to Haiti enough to donate what you have worked so hard for.

With that said, we are not asking for our regular donors to give this Giving Tuesday.  We have already asked you for that over these past 2 months and you guys have responded in wonderful ways.  At the same time, we do not want to miss an opportunity to take part in this wonderful initiative known as Giving Tuesday and to get our name out to people who may have never heard of All Things New before.  With that said, we are asking our supporters and specifically those who are on Facebook, to simply create a fundraiser for All Things New on your Facebook page.  By doing this, you will help us get the word out about our ministry to as many people as possible.  Anyone can create a fundraiser with almost no effort by clicking the link below and following the instructions:

Just imagine if we created 200 Facebook Fundraisers for All Things New by simply clicking the link.  Thousands of people would have the opportunity to learn more about our ministry and even to give on Giving Tuesday.  It is really easy and it could help All Things New tremendously in our attempt to get the word out about our ministry…Thanks in advance!  

You will also see other nonprofits advertising the idea that Facebook and Paypal are teaming up to match all funds given to nonprofits up to $7,000,000 for the day.  While this is true, we learned last year that if you do not donate at exactly 8:00am on Tuesday morning, your gift will not be matched.  Please feel free to advertise this when creating your fundraisers, and you can even try to donate at exactly 8:00am so that your donation may be matched.

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