Going to Haiti…Again!

A couple of days ago I booked a flight to head back down to Haiti for a week starting on Monday May 22. It is funny, I will be flying up to JFK and getting to Haiti at 1:50 that afternoon for more than $100 cheaper than I could have gone through Fort Lauderdale and arrived in Haiti at almost 5:00. I don’t think I will ever understand airfares, but that is not really the point of the blog. The point is that there is a lot to accomplish in a small amount of time while I am there and quite a few other things going on that we would really covet your prayers for as the trip approaches.

  1. We will be installing electricity at the kids’ house! We tried to do this during the last trip but our electrician informed us that the house was not wired correctly. I am hoping it will be ready for us this time…
  2. I am sure to be bombarded with “end of the school year” parties, tests, and probably every kid asking for money for something. If you’re a parent you know exactly what I am talking about.
  3. I will be leaving Jess with a 4 month old and a 19 month old at home. I still have no idea how military families do it…it is hard enough leaving for a week.
  4. I will see the damage left by the heavy rains over the past few weeks (click here to read more about the rain) and hope that repairs are happening soon.
  5. I will have meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting…You get the picture.
  6. We will be setting a summer schedule for the kids. Again, if you are a parent then you know exactly what I am talking about…More downtime can mean more trouble.
  7. Continue to pray that finalization and paperwork for Elijah is easy so I do not have to leave without my family too many more times.
  8. The Haitian Government just raised gas prices by about 20% and food is getting more and more expensive. This will make our operational costs rise some, but it could also cause some issues in the country in general if people decide to strike or protest any of these economic realities. Keep the country in your prayers as well.

This is just a short list of what we are asking for prayer over, if you have been to Haiti with us before then you know there will probably be other things that come up and other things we will ask you to pray about for us. It is always funny when I am preparing for a trip down to Haiti. I am so excited to see the kids but it is really difficult to leave my family.  I also think about how difficult it must be for Jess not being able to go down and see the kids and being with the kids at home every day. It is one of those times where I am happy and sad at the same time and it is a really difficult situation. The good thing is that our employees are doing so well that I have not been as needed as I was when we were waiting for Sophie’s finalization and we have been able to accomplish a lot of things stateside that we have needed to do for a while (click here to learn more).

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