Gressier Under Attack Again

Today, we have the great blessing and honor to celebrate Independence Day in our wonderful nation. I do not understand why we, as Americans, get this privilege, but we do. My hope is that I never downplay or overlook one of the greatest physical blessings that we enjoy...Freedom.

As I write that, I cannot help but think about and pray for our kids and employees at All Things New. While we celebrate freedom today, they are left reeling and devastated at what has been going on for years in their country with little hope of peace. 

As I write this, ATN is in the process of trying to relocate...again. Things have gotten too dangerous in Gressier (their city) to the point that the police station is in shambles, there are gunshots being fired constantly within earshot of the kids, and at least 20 people were murdered in Gressier just 2 days ago.

The difference between the celebration of American Independence and the devastation in Haiti could not be more stark, and it is happening basically in our own backyard.

When I used to fly to Haiti consistently, I would occasionally drive to Orlando and take a direct flight...It took 90 minutes.

Just a 90 minute flight takes you to a place riddled with gang activity, kidnapping, and essentially complete chaos. This is not exaggeration to make a point, this is daily living in Haiti.

My point is not to make you feel guilty on the Fourth of July. Far from it. My point is to enjoy the freedom that we have here and understand it is far less prevalent around the world that you may think.

While you are enjoying your friends, family, freedom, and the obligatory hamburger and/or hot dog for which this holiday is known, remember and pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Lift them up, and realize that even though they live in a country that is supposed to be free and democratic, the reality is anything but.

Pray for Haiti because food is more scarce and expensive than ever, gangs are moving out into rural areas, people are being displaced from their homes daily, malnutrition and starvation is a reality for many, and the fear caused by the chaos is real and has made its way into almost every aspect of life there.

Also pray because police officers from Kenya arrived recently, but the rest of the world seems oddly silent, and it is going to take more than 400 police officers to pull Haiti out of the struggles that plague it and put it back on the path of normalcy.

Let's celebrate our amazing freedom while also lifting up those who do not know what this type of freedom feels like and means.

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