Haiti Coronavirus Update - 98 New Cases in 24 Hours

The official number of Covid-19 confirmed cases in Haiti now stands at 456. The last 3 days have seen 39, 85, and then 98 new cases confirmed. If you do the math, that means that almost 50% of Haiti's confirmed cases have occurred in the past 72 hours. I wanted to take a quick break from our previous series (it will resume Thursday, but click here to get caught up) because this could be a significant change in what is going with the virus.

As we all know, the data and statistics that have been coming out about Covid-19 have been difficult to understand. There are so many things that affect these numbers, not the least of which is how many total tests have been given. What I mean is that the numbers could have doubled because Haiti got a shipment of tests in last week and have simply tested more people. There is no way to know why the numbers basically doubled in 3 days.

What I do know about these numbers is that it should drive us to pray for Haiti and more specifically for the kids and employees of All Things New. Because of the political and social upheaval in Haiti over the past 2 years, there was always a chance that the subsequent isolation of Haiti would help protect it from the pandemic. The logic being that if nobody is coming into Haiti, then it will be more difficult to bring the virus in.

The problem is that the virus hit the Dominican Republic and the USA very hard and people from both countries have come into Haiti since then. It has seemed like it was only a matter of time before Haiti felt the consequences of being so closely united to those 2 countries, but we have just kept praying Haiti would not be greatly affected. 

The truth is, I know that these numbers could mean nothing, but it does scare me for Haiti and for our kids. The country is so ill-prepared for something like Covid-19, and I cannot imagine what may come from this. That is the purpose of today's blog. To ask for your prayers. I know that our country is under attack as well, and even as things begin to open up, there is still an uneasiness about things. With that said, please continue to pray for America, but do one thing for me...

Add Haiti To Your Prayers!

Let's pray that it is just an anomaly and nothing else. That these last 3 days are not a foretaste of what is to come, but a result of more tests being given. Pray for protection for the nation and for our kids and our employees. If you have been down and met the kids, pray for them by name, face, and even personality. If you have not been, just click here to see their names and faces and pray for them specifically. 

Thank you, and stay tuned for more updates and for us to resume our series about "The Dark Side of Haitian Orphanages" this week.

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