Haiti Covid-19 Update

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter albeit an untraditional one. We got dressed up, took pictures outside, changed back into our other clothes, and did Sunday School and church in our living room. Regardless, we worshiped because Jesus is still alive!

It has been a little while since we gave you an update about Covid-19 and Haiti, so I thought today's blog would be just a quick update on the progression there. As of now, there are 33 confirmed cases, 0 confirmed recoveries, and 3 confirmed deaths. These are the official numbers, but nobody there really knows how many people may have it or how many may have had it and recovered.

The first 2 confirmed cases in Haiti were on March 19, so in 3.5 weeks we have gone from 2 to 33. That can either be considered a slow increase in the total number of cases, or you could also look at it as an over 1,000% increase in cases in less than a month. With everything else about this virus, it is hard to say which one is true.

Our worries concerning Covid-19 are still the same. From the lack of a healthcare system to innumerable preexisting conditions in many Haitians to the lack of social distancing, we are still praying hard that the country is spared the worst of what could happen. 

The beginning of Covid-19 in Haiti seems to have also slowed down the manifestations, kidnappings, and unrest that has crippled the nation. We will hope when things get back to normal that this continues to be the case as well.

As far as our kids are concerned, I actually spoke with them on Facebook Video for about 20 minutes last night. I got to speak to every kid and adult staying at the orphanage individually and then as a group. They were watching the Jesus Film in Creole and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Our kids have been inside the gates since the government put social distancing rules and a curfew into effect. They are also relatively healthy and have the benefit of 3 meals and a snack every single day. They are being very cautious and they also have benefits (like those mentioned above) that not many Haitians have. 

Everyone reading this has made a huge impact on the lives of our kids which has allowed them to stay relatively safe throughout this event. Please continue to pray for All Things New, for our kids, and for the nation of Haiti. 

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