Haitian Flag Day Posts

This is the second story that I wanted to share with you guys based on the blog from a few days ago and it has to do with Haitian Flag Day.  If you follow the All Things New Facebook page (which you should if you don’t because we are only 18 likes away from 3,000) then you probably already know that Flag Day is May 18 here in Haiti and it is a huge celebration.  This year, for Flag Day, a lot of our LaGrange supporters got together and posted on Facebook every day for 18 days, starting on May 1, a picture and description of either our kids or an ATN employee.  These posts brought a lot of recognition to our ministry and allowed us to post new pictures of our kids and give a description of each one of them (we are still looking for monthly sponsors for many of our kids so click here to become a sponsor).  My sister, Suzie, took time to research Creole phrases and found a little information about each of our kids to share along with pictures that she had taken on a recent trip (Thanks Suzie).  

Things like this initiative are important to All Things New for a variety of reasons.  Since we spend a good portion of our time each year in Haiti, social media is one of our primary forms of communication.  At the same time, being in Haiti can sometimes present problems with how often we can make posts and effectively communicate to you our supporters.  We now have people in the states who have access to our Facebook page, website, and email list who have done a great job updating it and helping us stay on top of one of the most important aspects of running a ministry…Communication.  We always want you to know what is going on with ATN, how to pray for us and our children, and we want to remain as transparent as possible with the things that matter.  For a ministry like ours to continue to grow and accomplish our goals we need people who are willing to give up their time and their talents and we have an amazing team.  If you would like to join us, find out more by clicking here and seeing some of the different opportunities that we have.  

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