Heading Back to Haiti

On Tuesday we are going back to Haiti for the second time as a family of 4.  As difficult as life can be in Haiti, and especially traveling back and forth as much as we have over the past couple of years, we are very much looking forward to our time in Haiti.  We have not been in Haiti in November for a couple of years now, but the weather (at least at night) should be a little cooler.  One of the best things is seeing the kids for the first time, but something funny has happened.  If you have kids, you know about the “invisibility phenomenon” that comes with having babies.  The idea that when you walk in a room holding a baby, nobody actually notices you.  Well, that actually happens, to a slightly lesser degree, with our kids in Haiti as well.  All they seem to see is Sophie and Elijah every time we walk into a room, and that is a really fun thing to see.  Anyway, we are really looking forward to spending some time with the kids, seeing some friends, making plans about some of our new ministry initiatives, and making sure that ATN continues to grow in Haiti.

Because All Things New is an American organization that exists in Haiti, we have a lot of work to do in both places, and that takes a lot of planning.  In Haiti, among other things, we take care of our kids, manage our employees, handle the legal issues surrounding an orphanage, get to know the community better, and start the process of a discipleship and job creation program.  In America, among other things, we have been starting our Team Ministry, adding people to our Board, fundraising, and we are about to start a push to find new church partnerships.  Just like any other job, there is always a lot to do and never enough time to do it.  While we are in Haiti, we really try to focus on what needs to be accomplished there, but there is always more to do in America as well.  Please be in prayer for our trip this time that we take care of the business that we have in Haiti.

Finally, here are some ways that you can help us here while we are in Haiti:

  • Pray for us!
  • Donate to our GoFundMe campaign!  (https://www.gofundme.com/allthingsnew5)
    • Click on the link, donate (as much or as little as you can) and share with as many people as you can!  We need this campaign to be successful.
  • Help us to find churches that will partner with us!  
    • Very soon we will have a 6 month schedule so that you can see when we will be in the states.  Our hope is to get in front of the leadership of as many churches as possible to share about All Things New and our passion for this ministry.  Church partnerships will be extremely important for the future of All Things New, so please stay tuned to see how your church can partner with us in the future.

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