I’m (Culture) Shocked!

Culture Shock is defined as a feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and confusion that people sometimes experience when they first arrive in another country.  We have been back from Haiti for 2 weeks as of today and while we often experience culture shock upon arriving in Haiti, I have felt it very much the last couple of weeks here in America.

I’m shocked that I can turn my shower on and get hot running water immediately with amazing pressure and don’t have to worry about keeping my mouth closed so unclean water doesn’t get in.

I’m shocked that we can simply use electricity how we want to.  That I can run a fan at night and not feel concerned that single fan may be what causes us to run out of power before the morning comes.

I’m shocked that I can go to Publix or Target and get what I want when I want it.

I’m shocked that there are so many paved roads and people actually follow traffic rules!

I’m shocked that there are no bugs or critters inside my house.

I’m shocked that nobody knocks on my door needing a job, food, or money.

I’m shocked that we took Elijah to our pediatrician for his 15 month check up last week and got quality medical care that was covered by our insurance.

I’m shocked that we put our food down our sink and run a garbage disposal and the rest of our trash gets picked up by the city.

I’m shocked that we went to church last Sunday where there was coffee and donuts and even bags of donuts to take home!

I’m shocked that I can put Sophie and Elijah in bed each night and not worry for the rest of the night that they may overheat, be bitten by a disease carrying mosquito, or have a rat enter their room.

Mostly I’m shocked at these 2 different worlds we are a part of.  They are as different as they can possibly be.  We have been going back and forth to Haiti since 2011 at this point and I truly find it never gets easier.

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