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This is the first time Jess has blogged for a while, and you will definitely notice the difference! We think about things and act on things in a much different way, and this is something that she has been thinking about a lot lately. This topic has been so difficult and emotional for us, and Jess expresses it much better than I could!

My day to day life keeps me so busy that many days it is very easy for me to push Haiti to the back of my mind and truth be told I prefer it this way.  It is too hard if I start missing my life there and the kids.  Then this morning, I was driving home and "10,000 Reasons" by Matt Redman came on the radio.  If you have been to Haiti with us you know this is a special song.  The kids sang it every single night for about a year straight.  They know every word and I think Sophie knew every word by the time she was a year old from singing it with them so much.  It is crazy how a song or a smell can take you back to a moment and make you feel like you are there. 

I miss my life in Haiti. 

I miss early morning walks to the kids house to see them off to school.

I miss piling in the truck after dinner to go play soccer at Hope Rising.

I miss the smell of bug spray on my kids 24 hours a day.

I miss an evening rain that cooled us down and how much joy that rain could bring.

I miss Marjorie’s fried chicken.

I miss mango trees, beautiful beaches, and the mountains.

I miss worshipping each night with the kids in our home.

I miss our mango tree in our backyard.

I miss Friday night movie night with the kids.

I miss our friends there.

I miss a place where a banana for an afternoon snack is a treat.

I miss celebrating birthdays there.

I miss the friendliness of the people 

I miss our employees who became like family to us.

I miss our kids.

I miss Haiti.


  • So beautiful.

  • I miss Haiti too! Praying daily to return!!

    Shelly Townsend

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