One of the next big things that we need is to purchase land in Haiti.  This is much easier said than done (as are most things). It is not the same as it is in America.  You can go to a title insurance company, or to a mortgage agency or lawyer and be pretty confident that if you and the owner agree on a price, the land can be purchased.  In Haiti, there is not real good record keeping, and there is no way to really know if you are purchasing the land from the rightful owner.  There have been many stories about people purchasing land from who they thought were the rightful owners and then finding out that other people owned the land too.  When that happens, you just have to pay for the land all over again…We do not (obviously) want this to happen.  We have an advantage in the fact that we have really awesome Haitian contacts close to us who will help us.  We also have an established ministry who is helping us.  But there is still a risk in this purchase.

Another risk is that we will not be able to buy our own land and put our names on the deed.  Haitian law states that only Haitian citizens and recognized NGOs can purchase land and we are neither of these two things.  Because of this, we will have to rely on a couple of our Haitian friends who have agreed to let us put their names on the deed.  Luckily, our Haitian friends (Herold and Christian) are awesome!  Not everyone has this and we are so blessed.

All of this to say that we really need your prayers in this endeavor.  Please pray that GOD would lead us and that we would follow and not make any rookie mistakes.

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