Last Day for Truck Donations!

Today, April 30, is the last day we are taking truck donations!  We plan on regrouping after today and seeing where we are and what our plan is moving forward.  If you have missed any of our latest truck blogs, just click here, here, or here to read all about our plan for the purchase.  Before we get too far along, we want to thank everyone who has already given toward this need.  Besides helping us reach our goal of a new truck, you have shown us how many people are behind us and this ministry and that has meant a lot.  Being away from friends and family in America can be hard, especially with 2 babies, and it means a lot when the people that we care about in the states supports us like you have.  As soon as we have all of the information from donations that we have received (including those from Facebook, Paypal, checks, etc.) we will let you know and we will also let you know our plan moving forward.  When we first arrived back in Haiti, I was starting to worry about what we would do if our trucks stopped working (a very real possibility).  Not being able to get to and from school when it rains, the airport with teams, the grocery store for our family, the market for our kids, etc. was a difficult thing to think about.  With your generous donations and prayers, we are getting close to our goal of a new truck.  THANK YOU!

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