Live Auction Item 2: 9-Bedroom Lake House Vacation (sleeps 20)

Day 2 of our Live Auction item descriptions brings us to a 7-night stay in a  stunning Lake House just outside of Birmingham, AL and your whole family can fit inside this one! Before describing the item, however, here are some ways you can be a part of this important event:

 - Tickets are $75/each: Purchase Them Here


 - If you cannot attend on March 4: Donate to the event here

The Lewis Smith Lakehouse is absolutely stunning. We are going to attach a lot of pictures to the Facebook page, or you can view them by clicking here for the VRBO page. This auction is for a 7-night stay at this house right on the water.

The bidding starts at $5,000, and for 7 nights, that is a steal. There are 17 beds, 7 baths, and beautiful outside seating all around this house overlooking Lewis Smith Lake. I could try to describe it to you, but only the pictures really do it justice.

This house is perfect for family getaways, large groups, or even retreats...It would be perfect for parents/grandparents that want to take their whole family on vacation for a week!

Excluding holidays, this 7-night stay can be redeemed between September 2024 and May 2025, and it must be booked by March 31, 2023...This place fills up quickly!

Remember, Minimum Bid is $5,000.

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