Looking Back at 2023

Before looking back at 2023, I want to make sure that everyone knows/remembers that our Banquet/Fundraiser is coming up on March 2 at Deerwood Country Club in Jacksonville. The invitations will be going out soon, and I will be sending out information on how to be an event sponsor as well, but for now, SAVE THE DATE for March 2!

As far as a look back to 2023 goes, the news is difficult to digest. Things in Haiti did not get better, and with the lack of supplies getting out of Port Au Prince and to the rest of the country, the prices of almost everything in the country have skyrocketed.

The combination of higher prices, gang activity, and political instability have made Haiti one of the most difficult places in the world to live.

Looking back, it is amazing what ATN has been able to do for our kids and for our employees, and it is all because of your prayers and your support. Here are some highlights:

 - Yolmenda and Herbison graduated. They are both currently attending local universities for nursing and business today.

 - Our kids moved into a different, nicer house that they love.

 - We have been able to keep all of our employees over the past couple of years even with the inflation that the country has experienced.

 - Not one of our 30 employees missed a paycheck in 2023.

 - All of our kids are in school and each of them passed to their new grade last year.

There are many other highlights, but these are some of the big ones. One thing that I cannot stress enough is that we could not do any of these things without you. 

The truth is, we cannot wait to see what 2024 holds, and we are praying even harder that we will be able to get back down to Haiti and see our kids. Please join us in praying for that small step in what we hope is a move back to normal for the entire country in 2024.

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