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As you probably know, we have been introducing our readers to each of our children through a series of blogs aimed at describing each child in a way that the reader gets to “know” them on a personal basis.  We know that this is nothing like actually coming down and meeting our children personally, but we hope that it creates a desire in each of our readers to actually come down and meet our children personally.  Until then, we hope this is the next best thing.  In our previous blog, we linked back to each previous post in this series, so if you click here you can learn about each child.

Today I would like to introduce you to BiGuedy. In case you are wondering how to pronounce this, it is just like saying the word “spaghetti” but with e “B” instead of an “S”. BiGuedy is 12 years old and in the 3rd grade at Christianville school. The best word I can use to describe her in all areas of life is passionate. This is whether she is happy or sad. Her approach to everything is big and emotional

If you have come down and met the kids, especially before they moved to Hope Rising, BiGuedy is probably one that stood out to you. She has always loved when teams come and the extra attention it brings. BiGuedy always clung to people so much it worried us. She would immediately attach and clearly craved the attention so much it was unhealthy. We always have had trouble with the way BiGuedy handles herself when she gets upset and specifically the way she treats others. She can get very angry, very emotional, and be very mean to others. It is her natural reaction when she is upset and this has always worried me….until I met her mother.

When we went through the weeks of not knowing if we were going to still be in the kid’s lives (in case you don’t know what I am referring to, read our blog series here), BiGuedy was one we did not think would be moving with us. As parents and family members of the kids were coming to see us on a daily basis and giving permission for their kids to even get tutoring at Hope Rising, BiGuedy’s mom was nowhere to be seen. We were not even sure if she still had living parents. We were told that there was a mom in Cite Soleil but she did not come to see us and because of that, we were very concerned that BiGuedy would end up staying with Audancin. Suddenly, on moving day, her mom showed up at our door and told us she wanted BiGuedy with us. At the time, we were just thankful this happened for BiGuedy’s sake. We now know what brought the mom to us…the color of our skin and the thought that she could possibly get things from us. BiGuedy’s mom was extremely intimidating. We did not see her smile once and all throughout moving day she was constantly pulling one of us aside to ask for things for herself. Since we have moved in she has come to visitation day several times and each time she ignores BiGuedy and begins to ask us for things. As much as we try to encourage her to spend time with BiGuedy when she comes, it is clearly not the reason she has come or even why she moved BiGuedy in with us. After a few months of observing this, it is very easy to see why BiGuedy is so tough and also why she needs so much attention. It is very important to understand this situation to understand BiGuedy. She has never had a mother or father’s love the way that she needed and this has played a huge role in who she is today

And now for who she is today! Please don’t misunderstand me…..BiGuedy is an amazing little girl. She is very smart and does well in school. Of our girls, she is easily the best at soccer and has also picked up on basketball quickly. In fact, a few weeks ago, I walked out onto the basketball court to hear Gueline and Herbison fighting over who would get Biguedy on their team. BiGuedy is a natural born leader who likes to be in control of every situation she is in and I really believe that one day this will serve her well. We work everyday on the way she talks to others and treats others and she is getting better and better. She is loving, athletic, unique, beautiful, and intelligent. Her course in life will be completely different now that she has people helping her everyday know what it means to be a kind and loving person and I only wish you could all know BiGuedy the way we do.

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