Missing Haiti

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time texting and talking with our kids and employees in Haiti. More than usual. School is getting out and the kids are doing what kids do in the summer...Hanging out. Summer was always fun because we would spend more time together playing, watching movies, and just hanging out while there would always be a few All Things New teams to come down as well.

I have realized something recently that, while I already knew it, I kind of forget from time to time here...I really miss Haiti. I am not even saying I miss living there, right now I just miss it. I miss seeing the kids, doing ministry together, and trying to plan for a future for them. 

I am sure that everyone reading this has felt some sort of frustration because of limitations on your life because of COVID or other reasons in the past few years. I have felt this frustration strongly in recent weeks.

I have not been to Haiti since August and have not seen the kids since before that, and the rest of our family has not been for even longer. We have clothes, toys, books, and other things that are just sitting in our house.

We are very blessed that we got to be with the kids for almost 8 years before this happened. We had the chance to work past many of the trust issues, but I can only imagine that they feel abandoned by us even if they understand why we cannot come down.

We are also very blessed to have Gina, Lener, and the rest of our employees so that we know that the kids are being taken care of and the money is being used wisely and honestly.

All of that is good, but there is this strange feeling kind of like a weight that makes it very difficult to know what to do next. In some ways we have started trying really hard to acclimate to life in America. In other ways we are just waiting to be able to get back down to Haiti. It is a really strange feeling sometimes.

The past couple of years have been difficult and confusing on numerous levels, but what has never wavered is our desire to be there for our kids. Amazingly, based on the encouragement and support that you give to us and ATN, that has never wavered for you either.

I guess this blog is more of a rant than an explanation. It is less informative and more just a flow of thoughts about what is going on. I guess if anything, we would ask for increased prayer right now for Haiti and for All Things New. As frustrating as it is for us, I cannot imagine how frustrating it is for people there.

The lack of food and water, the increased insecurity, the inability to walk home safely, the rampant kidnapping, and the general sense of isolation and hopelessness as even the most entrenched of Haitians begin to ponder what it might mean to leave. 

Please join us in prayer and ask GOD to bless the country and help us to know how to continue to move forward in our ministry in a country that makes that very difficult.

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