Misthafa’s Future

Today we are continuing our “Future’s Series” where we talk about each of our kids and what they hope for their future.  A few months ago, Jess and I sat down with each kid and just talked to them about what they wanted for their lives.  Of course some of them took it more seriously than others, and some of them had a more detailed plan than others.  Just check back to our blog page if you want to read some of the other blogs in this series.

Today I want to tell you about Misthafa and what she hopes to do with her future.  Misthafa is a dreamer.  I remember one of the first times we met with one of her teachers back in 2014, her teacher told us that she is a really good girl, she was doing really well in school, but she just would not stop looking out of the window.  The truth is, if you really get to know Misthafa, that description fits her to a “t.”  She is smart, she is really sweet, she has a lot of friends, she is always helpful, and she loves to have her head in the clouds.  

When we sat down to talk with Misthafa, she surprised me a little with her answer to the question, “What do you want your career path to be?”  Really without hesitation, like she had been thinking about it for a really long time, she said that she wanted to be a doctor.  She is absolutely smart enough and she works hard enough to make this dream a reality, there is no question in my mind.  What surprised me was the quickness and sureness with which she gave her answer.  She wants to finish school, go to university, and then study to be a doctor.  The end.  Even when we asked her if she had a second choice, she just said no.  

That is one thing I love about Misthafa.  She will definitely surprise you.  When you think she is not listening or paying attention to what you are saying, she is.  She is like one of those kids in a classroom who cannot sit still and always have something going on in their mind, but as soon as you ask them any question about the lecture you just gave, they know the answer better than anyone.  I still love the answer that her teacher gave when we asked how she was doing…”She is doing well, I just cannot get her to stop looking out of the window.”


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