My First Fist Fight

So I know that it is Friday night and a lot of people may miss this blog, but I am sitting here while the kids are watching a movie in the living room so I am going to write a little about my day today.  I would watch with them, but if you have ever been here for movie night you know how incredibly hot it gets in that room for movie night.  It is really important to note, before I get too far along, that I was not involved in the fist fight mentioned in the title.  I actually witnessed my first fist fight in Haiti as Lener and I were sitting in traffic today.  In fact, as about 4 different fights were going on, I watched an outsider (someone not involved in it at all) pick up a chair and start randomly swinging at people.  I’m not really sure why any of it happened, but it was a short distraction in an otherwise really long day.

As I mentioned, we were waiting in traffic when the fight started.  Well, we left my house for Port at about 7:45 this morning and returned home at about 2:45.  We went straight to MFI (which is a nonprofit that flies cargo from the states to Haiti and we sent our first batch of goods down last week) which is right next to the airport and we were there for about 20 minutes.  The rest of the time we were sitting in the car in a ridiculous amount of traffic.  As you know, sitting in traffic is not fun, but it is really not fun when you have an a/c like our truck.  Any time you are not moving, the a/c also is not working!  Luckily, we got it fixed this past Tuesday or it would have been really bad, but heat plus traffic was not my favorite combination.  (On a side note, a truck will be our next big purchase, and if you are interested in donating towards it, just click here and label the donation “Truck Fund“)  The worst part about the traffic is that there was no reason for it.  There was no demonstration, there was not an abnormal amount of people on the road, and there were no car accidents.  Today’s traffic was caused solely by large trucks just stopping in the middle of the road and unloading goods and people.  It was quite frustrating.

When we got back to Gressier, I immediately went down to spend some time with the kids and we just sat around and talked for a while.  I have a really great video of Samara acting like a wild dog and chasing the other girls around the house trying to (and I hope this part was pretend but I’m not entirely sure) bite them.  I left while the kids ate and got the car so that we could go to Hope Rising and play again.  I spent most of the time with the little ones again since my ankle is still bothering me and we had a blast.  They kept asking me to say things in Creole and they would tell me what I said in English.  They were almost never right but it was really really funny.  We got home, the kids changed, we did service, and here we are.  A long day but a good day.  Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for us as I come back home this Sunday and Elijah’s adoption is finalized on June 2!

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