New Ways to Help ATN!

We had another board meeting yesterday where we focused on getting our new TEAM structure and we are now ready to share with you the descriptions of these teams to know if they are a fit for your skill set.  Our goal is that this new TEAM structure will be a huge leap forward for our organization and give you a chance to use your skills and passions to help us to further our ministry.  Over the next few days, we will be sending out descriptions of our TEAMs through our email list.  We have 6 official TEAMs that we will be starting over the next couple of weeks and months and they are as follows:


Pay special attention to the Haiti Team and to the Spiritual Team as these are both very specific to our organization and there are some things that these committees will seek to accomplish that you may not expect without reading the description.  Our plan is to begin contacting people to serve on these TEAMs over the next couple of weeks, but we would love to hear from you and for you to tell us where you would most like to serve.  If you are in LaGrange and are interested in helping All Things New there, one of our newest board members, Evyn Crocker, will be organizing that (and of course my family is there as well!).  

It is also important to note that some of our teams will be capped at a certain number of people because of the nature of the work they are doing.  For instance, while our fundraising and LaGrange teams could have as many people as would join it (because of all of the different facets of each), our finance team will remain small because of its very specific purpose.  Basically, if any of our teams fill up, we will let you know!  The bottom line is be on the lookout for an upcoming email that will give an overview of each team, the specific qualities we are looking for in team members, and go ahead and be praying about which team fits you the best!  

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