One Spark – Voting #20286

I know that we have written a lot about One Spark over social media for the past couple of weeks.  I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew why this was an important event for us before it begins on Wednesday of this week.  First of all, here are some important things to know:

  • There will be 150,000 people who come to downtown Jacksonville this week (Wednesday-Sunday 11am-10pm).  We will be constantly introduced to people who could potentially help All Things New.  
  • There will be 2 $10,000 prizes that we are eligible for if we win (and we could potentially win both).
    • If we get the most votes for our project.
    • If we get the most individual donations for our project during the week.
  • It is a crowdfunding event which means that even if we don’t win the $10,000 prize, the more votes we get the more of the $200,000 prize money we receive.
  • With that said, here is how you can help:

    • If you live in Jacksonville, COME DOWN AND VOTE!  Our voting number is 20286.  This is very important, the number 20286 is vital for anyone who comes down because it is how you can vote for us!
    • Also, if you live in Jacksonville, we could really use your help during the event.  We need people to walk around the crowd and tell people about our booth (we have pictures and info to give out as you walk around) and we need people to work our booth and tell people about the ministry as they come by.
    • Finally, those of you who do not live in Jacksonville, you can help as well!  Part of the competition is to get the most individual donations (at any increment as low as $5!).  You cannot vote without registering, but you can donate without registering, and this will help us toward our goal!

    Click Here to get to the voting/donation page for One Spark.

    As you can see, this could be a huge event for the ministry of All Things New.  You guys have always been and continue to be our biggest supporters, so I am writing this to let you know why we are pushing this so much.  Thank you for all that you do already and for helping us as we strive to follow GOD in everything.  If you have any questions, please let us know, but most of all, pray for us this week as we try to push forward with the ministry of All Things New!

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