Our First Big Event!

Tomorrow is the first big event for All Things New!  We are meeting from 5:00-7:00 pm at the San Marco Preservation Hall here in Jacksonville, FL to celebrate what GOD has been doing in and through All Things New.  The last few months have seemed like they have been moving way too fast!  There have been so many things to do, plan, think about, and learn about starting a ministry that sometimes it is difficult to just sit back and enjoy what GOD is using us to do for His Kingdom.  It has been fun, it has been busy, and most of all, it has brought us closer to our Savior as we have to rely on Him for everything!  But the purpose of tomorrow night is to just celebrate together what GOD has done and is doing!  We are looking so forward to this event.  Here are some awesome things that will be going on:

  • We will eat dinner together.  And what I mean by “we” is many of the people that have made All Things New what it is today. 
  • The different sponsors of our children who do not know each other will get to meet!  With multiple sponsors for all but a couple of our children, we want our sponsors to get to know each other, and this will be an opportunity for some of them.
  • We will have a chance to share our vision.  We want to continue to keep the vision of All Things New in front of the people who support and love this ministry so that everyone knows what GOD is doing!
  • We will have t-shirts, bracelets, and other “Haitian trinkets” (things we purchased from a market in haiti) to sell to people so that they can continue to get the word out about All Things New.  If you are planning on coming, stop by the product table to see some of these awesome things (we just got shirts yesterday).
  • We will also have a surprise at the end of the celebration (some of you know what it is already, but some of you will have to wait and see) that you will not want to miss!

We are so excited about tomorrow, and we are so blessed that you have seen the vision for ministry that GOD has laid on our heart and have decided to get behind it and support us.  It is amazing how GOD brings people together to accomplish His will, and we are blessed that He has brought you guys to All Things New.  We look forward to tomorrow and many other events in the future where we can celebrate together what GOD is doing in Haiti through All Things New.  I wish we knew how to really convey our feelings, but the best we can do is say thank you for everything, and we look forward to celebrating this tomorrow!

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