Our Prayer Service Last Night

If you saw our recent Facebook post, then you know that for our service last night we had a prayer time for all of our All Things New family who are in the path of Hurricane Irma.  When Hurricane Matthew came through Haiti and then over the past few days with Irma looking like it may hit us, we could truly feel your prayers.  So for our service last night (and we will do the same thing tonight as well) we prayed for all of our family, friends, sponsors, supporters, etc. who live in Irma’s path.

Right before service began, we wrote down all of the names of the people who posted on our Facebook page for prayer and we divided the names up between 4 of our oldest kids (Apolon, Woodly, Yolmenda, and Herbison).  Each of them were to say a prayer for the names on their list and also to say a general prayer thanking GOD for keeping the hurricane away from us and asking for protection for those who are still in its path.  We thought that they would say just a quick prayer mentioning every name and that service would go on after that.  What actually happened was about a 15-20 minute prayer time where these kids passionately prayed for every name and for everyone in the path of the storm.  To say I was proud would be a huge understatement.  They were talking too fast for me to understand everything, but I do know that they were really praying for all of you, and I hope that everyone reading this knows that they are covered by prayer by us and the kids here in Haiti.  We will be doing the same thing tomorrow night, so if you have not commented on the post, please do so (we will be posting again today I am sure) and we WILL pray for you by name tonight.

Another fun thing about our service last night was that it was the first time Sophie and Elijah had been a part of service.  Every other night we put them to sleep around 7:00 and then pick the kids up to end the day with our service, but tonight we did service at 6:00 so Sophie and Elijah could join.  Elijah had a ball.  Yolmenda, Misthafa, BiGuedy, and Dinna took turns holding him and he pretty much smiled and bounced for the whole service.  In fact, he pretty much always smiles here with all of the added attention he receives.  Sophie did really well too.  She would not sit still and she played with Malayika and Samara most of the time, but she was quiet and she kept saying, “pray, pray, pray” over and over again.  She did a little dancing when the music was on, but for the most part neither of them were too distracting and we are going to try and have them in a service at least 1-2 times per week.  

If you are reading this, please do not forget to go to our Facebook page and tell us where you live so that our kids can be praying for you tomorrow night.  It really was a special service.  I am also sorry that we will not have any pictures or videos of our service and prayer time.  I hope you understand but we never really take pictures or video during the service because it really is a time of worship for us as well as our kids.  Just know we are praying for you and we hope that all of you are safe through this storm.

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