Please Continue Praying!

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I feel like, lately, all we have shared in regards to Haiti has been negative.  From the gas prices to the school closings to the rioting in the streets, it feels like these things are the only things we are writing about and focusing on.  Honestly, what else could we really share about right now?  Things in Haiti are really bad, and it is affecting every single aspect of life and ministry down there.  Others in Haiti have tried to post some of the continued ministry they are doing and some people have posted success stories that they are seeing even now, but even those things are with the caveat that the country is falling apart.  

The same can be said for All Things New.  There are some good things still happening.  Here are some of the positive things that are going on even in the midst of what is happening with the rest of the country:

  • Our employees live close enough to the orphanage that they can come to work each day without having to travel on the main road or where the troubles are.
  • Our kids are getting tutoring each day even when they do not go to school.
  • Gina and Lener have figured out how to get gas, food, propane, and any other supplies without us ever having run out of anything.  While they may be more expensive and may be more difficult to find, they are finding them.
  • Our employees have been paid on time each month with no exception! (this is thanks to you, our supporters) This is actually a pretty rare thing in Haiti right now.
  • The inflation and currency devaluation in Haiti has not affected our employees at all!  We have payed them in American money since the very beginning, and the dollar has strengthened even as the gourde is losing its value on a monthly basis.
  • Our kids have been safe and away from most of what is happening in the rest of the country.
  • The Bush family has been able to accomplish a lot in the states. Our main goals have been fundraising, trying to get other church partnerships, and continuing to work on job creation initiatives. Our biggest challenge is still raising the funds needed to operate our ministry and then trying to keep all of our employees and making some of the job creation ideas happen. We appreciate your continued giving because it is the only way we can make these things happen.
  • Our prayer base keeps getting larger.  It seems like the worse things get the more people pray.  We do not want things to get any worse, obviously, but it is in these trials that we really begin to see people lifting up Haiti and this is how change will happen.

We are not kidding when we way that Prayer is the only thing that we can do to help Haiti.  It is not a last resort, it is not what precedes action (it is action), and it is not a desperation attempt. Prayer is the source of our power from GOD.  In fact, for a follower of Christ, great and big things only happen through the power of prayer.  Sometimes we forget how powerful prayer can be until we are “forced” to pray because that is all we can do.  Right now, this is all we can do for Haiti.  But “all we can do” means calling on the One who created everything to intervene and I think that qualifies as something great!

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